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Man! I Missed It...BUT!!

Missed opportunities…you missed it…you let it pass you by. So, what can you do about it now? You know the answer just like I do. NOTHING. See the thing about an opportunity is that there is no guarantee it will present itself in the same manner or present itself for a second time at all. I know God is a God of second chances but I’m not so sure about opportunities. I know this read may seem to start out a bit bleak but I want you to get a clear picture and a definite emotion attached to a missed moment. I will be honest with you and disclose that I have missed SEVERAL opportunities. Mostly because I didn’t recognize the moment as an opportunity! An opportunity to share, an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to build! I…MISSED…IT! I missed it because I didn’t really value what I had…Selah (means pause and calmly think about that). I downplayed it! BIG MISTAKE! On a side note: what God has placed in you is valuable and shareable. So! When I finally told the truth (which makes you free), I missed opportunities because I was simply afraid. FEAR! It’s the devil (in my WATERBOY Mama’s voice😂)! It holds you hostage without a gun. It causes you to fabricate opinions that people don’t even have. Truth be told, you haven’t really put anything out there yet for people to even form an opinion! FEAR!! It sabotages the end before you even begin! Guess what? No one is to blame; it’s on me…it’s on you. FEAR causes missed opportunities!

Now something happens on the back side of missing opportunities. Do you want me to tell you? Okay, okay! It makes you HUNGRY for another one! Yeah, I know; there is frustration, disappointment, regret and other brewed feelings but in the midst of ALLLL those emotions…there is still HUNGER. HUNGER for another chance; HUNGER connected to the words “If I just had”. This is where I come to encourage you! Stay HUNGRY! Hunger is an emptiness…a space where something desired is unfulfilled. That space is the needed fuel to keep you going until another opportunity presents itself. When we are hungry we experience what is called hunger pains. Let me encourage you! If it’s legit…it won’t die! When it’s part of your purpose, you can’t let it go!! Keep grinding, keep planning, keep pushing! There’s a saying, if you STAY ready, you don’t have to get ready. You may not know when the next opportunity will present itself but guess what?! It’s coming!! Now this time…EAT IT UP!!

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