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What a Mighty Good Man!

He’s in the grave now. They’ve killed Him. All He did was show love and try to show people a better way of living. The way that leads to eternal life. He introduced a message that hadn’t been heard before and promoted humility and servitude. It was different…but different ain’t always bad. Yeah, they spat on Him for it, mocked Him for it, crucified Him for it. The thing that always gets me is that Jesus knew ahead of time all that He would have to suffer! The pain, anguish and humiliation would be so heavy that He asked His Daddy if there was another way to get the job done then let it be so. But if not, He wanted Daddy’s will to be done. This weekend we remember that there was no other way. He DIED for us! He HUNG for us! All of our current and future sins, hurts, issues and sickness have already been paid. JESUS’ LIFE TOOK CARE OF IT! Hallelujah! His blood was spilled to make us clean, healed and whole! No sacrifice will EVER compare to the one He made for us and it was ALL just…for…us! So as you go throughout this weekend shopping for outfits, prepping for Sunday dinners, getting Easter baskets and boiling eggs (and nothing is wrong with ANY of that), keep a “Thank You Jesus!” in your heart, in your mind and on your lips every chance you get. We OWE Him!!

But that’s not how the story ends...

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Such an awesome reminder of His great sacrifice!!! All to Him I owe!💜💜💜

Julia Dudley
Julia Dudley
Apr 15, 2022
Replying to

I’m glad He did!!🙌🏽♥️🙌🏽

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